About ergoCentric

Increasing health and productivity with adjustable task seating since 1990

The human body was not made for sitting. Lack of proper support while seated adds stress to the body, which over a period of time, can lead to muscle fatigue, circulatory problems and even spinal injuries. Proper ergonomic seating provides the support essential to your health and the comfort you need to be productive.

At ergoCentric Seating Systems, our sole mission is to design and manufacture the best ergonomic chairs in the world and we are recognized as North America’s premier manufacturer of high-quality ergonomic seating for office, specialty and healthcare environments.

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Our approach to chair design and manufacturing

Our approach to chair design and manufacturing is focused on two people: the individual who has to sit in the chair and the person who has to pay for it. Most seating manufacturers take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to chair design which may fit many, but won’t fit everyone. ergoCentric believes that everyone should be comfortable at work and our build-to-order, modular manufacturing system allows us to fit every person with the perfect chair. With our always-in-stock inventory of modular components, we are able to make thousands of different chairs and we even modify specific components as required. This means that all employees can be sitting on seating with a streamlined aesthetic, with custom modifications to meet the needs of individuals.

For the person paying for the seating system, we believe the lowest total cost of ownership and not the lowest price is what matters most in the design and supply of office seating. This belief is demonstrated with our best-in-class warranty, drive for continuous improvement and our non-obsolescence policy. 

Our Environmental and Sustainability Commitments

ergoCentric’s commitment to environmental protection is a natural outgrowth of our concerns for workplace health and safety.  Our management systems are designed to ensure the integration of all applicable governmental, as well as internal environmental, health and safety requirements into our business processes. As such we have earned the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management systems.