Next Day Shipping

Next day shipping on ergonomic office essentials

Whether you’re furnishing an office space or your home office, we can help you create an ergonomically sound workspace, quickly.

ergoCentric’s Next Day Shipping* program offers a selection of our popular airCentric 2 ergonomic task chair, upCentric electric height adjustable table and ergonomic accessories like monitor arms and footrests, ready to ship next day. Our next day shipping chairs have all the adjustability features and support you expect in an ergoCentric office chair, without the wait.



* Next day shipping means we will manufacture, package and ship out of the plant within 24 hours on orders received before 2 PM EST between Mondays and Fridays. After 2:00 PM is the next business day.

Ergonomic Office Chairs, Height Adjustable Tables and More for the Ultimate Workspace

An ergonomically sound workstation is essential for comfort and productivity. ergoCentric has you covered with Next Day Shipping* on select configurations of our bestselling airCentric 2 ergonomic task chair, upCentric Electric Height Adjustable Desk, and all the right ergonomic accessories to create the perfect office set-up.

Ergonomic Office Chairs 

Your office chair is the most important piece of office furniture. Most people sit in their office chair more than 8 hours day, so you want to ensure it is a perfect fit. We believe fit is paramount. Having provided individuals with ergonomically correct seating for 30 years we know the 3 configurations of the airCentric 2 available for Next Day Shipping will fit 95% of the population.

Electric Height Adjustable Tables

Introducing an electric height adjustable table will allow everyone in your household to reap the benefits of setting the proper working height in both the standing and the seated postures, the latter of which is often overlooked. Next Day Shipping is available on a selection of tabletop sizes and colours.

Ergonomic Accessories

It may be necessary to add accessories such as a monitor arm, laptop support and/or a footrest to your workstation to ensure you frequently move through neutral positions.

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*Next Day Shipping means we will manufacture, package and ship out of the plant within 24 hours on orders received between Mondays and Fridays.